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Interoperable Technology

Scaleable, cross-platform, future proof.

‘HAT’ Provisioning

Personal data management (out of the box)

Our core platform is based on the Microsoft technology stack and Hub-of-All-Things (HAT), an open-source database schema designed to integrate IoT applications and the semantic web by creating a personal data hub for each user. We provide a standardised logical data model and API that support secure combination and management of product and personal data sets:

Product & Service Data

For example the colour, size or ingredients of a product; the temperature in a room or the timetable for a train service.




Personal Usage Data

Interactions with products and services, such as the frequency, time, location of use, or volume consumed by a group or individual.

Our Commercial Model

And its building blocks

We aim to form strategic partnerships that reduce clients’ capital outlay on market research and new product development, based on aims and objectives that deliver clear competitive advantage, for themselves and for their customers. Then we collaborate. We test commercial feasibility based on our provisioning and data transit model and design a product development programme to take ideas from concept, to pilot, to commercial roll-out.


Data Driven Personal Resource Planning (PRP) Applications

Mobile and web apps driven by product, environmental and user-generated intelligence

I/O API (+ revenue share)

  • Inbound API enabling product or service data to be captured processed and made accessible according to user preferences
  • Outbound API enabling you to create apps and services that transform personal and product data
  • API revenue share model for service providers, product manufacturers and brands

IoT Product Design & Development

Strategy & planning, end-to-end user experience design and product or service development