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Personalised 'intelligent mobility'

In 2015 Enable International, Warwick Manufacturing Group and Centro (the public body responsible for delivery of transport across the West Midlands) undertook research into the Internet of Things and associated personal data sets, specifically to help people manage end-to-end journeys across multiple modes and transport.

In consultation with leading transport operators we specified an outline framework for ‘MyJrny’: an integrated services platform that addresses industry, public sector and transport operator aspirations. By empowering individuals with ownership and control of travel data and personal preferences, ‘MyJrny’ aims to provide a replicable model for transport services of the future, integrating mobile applications, operator systems and real-time transport network data to deliver responsive end-to-end journey planning and enhanced travel experiences. The combination of information from multiple services, alongside peoples’ behavioural data, is central to our delivery of a single ‘gateway’ solution to transport systems providing greater value and opening up new revenue streams.

The MyJrny platform is being trialled in Birmingham and London, from August 2017, with launches in additional UK and international cities planned. Take part in the MyJrny trial by clicking below:


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A Trust Framework

Harnessing the value of distributed data

Our data management model ensures that personal information is only ever combined and transformed as specifically requested by individuals, and never shared with third parties.