Call For Suppliers
01 Jul 2017

Call For Suppliers

We don’t want satisfactory, we want wow!

01 Jul 2017

We don’t want satisfactory, we want wow!

If you can deliver ‘wow’ in the fast-paced technology market, if your team treats every problem as a new opportunity, if you can demonstrate market-leading expertise in the following areas, we’d love to hear form you:

  • Systems Integration & Critical Path Modelling
  • Information Architecture & Technical Design
  • Technology Programme Management
  • IoT Hardware Installation & Maintenance
  • IoT hardware (including rapid prototyping)

We have ongoing requirements for multiple public and private sector projects. Our core expertise is in bespoke enterprise software development, data management and IoT – predominantly for Intelligent Transport Systems. To compliment these skills we need partners who understand multi-disciplinary multi-stakeholder technology deployment programmes.

Critically, your organisation must:

  • Hold recognised information security and quality assurance certifications
  • Have all relevant insurances for in-field operatives in place
  • Have at least a 5-year trading history
  • Be able to demonstrate the implementation of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy
  • Have a track record in the implementation of robust, scalable technology components or services
  • Be happy to discuss opportunities under a Non Disclosure Agreement

To register your organisation on our supplier roster please email with the subject ‘New Supplier’ including details of your area of expertise and why you’d like to work with us.

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